Why did Katie Maloney and Tom Schwärzt break up? Find out here.
by Ana Walia | Thu, 16 Feb 2023 20:28:52 GMT
Katie Maloney shares the reason for her divorce. Image Source: NBC4 Washington 

Katie Maloney shares the reason for her divorce from Tom Schwartz

During the premiere episode of Bravo's reality show, Vanderpump Rules, Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz addressed their separation for the first time, where Tom Schwartz said in a confessional that Katie had laid it all out and it made perfect sense adding that he cannot really give the audience the specifics because she was so upset that he wasn’t listening, and he doesn’t want to ask her again because one of the reasons she broke up with him is because he is not a good listener. Long story short, Tom said that he just didn’t know how to make her happy.

On Wednesday’s episode of Vanderpump Rules, the audience witnessed Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval opening the doors of their new bar, "Schwartz & Sandy’s," and host a party for The Daily Mail. Earlier in the episode, audience witnessed a spray tanning appointment where Katie Maloney was joined by Lala Kent, where Katie expressed her concerns about having to attend her ex's bar opening, but Lala told her not to worry. Lala told Katie that she can now appreciate the bar without feeling bitter about how it impacted her relationship with Tom. Katie said that she wasn't so sure—they may no longer be together, but Tom still asks her to do favors for him, such as watching their dog while he does things for the bar.

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Katie Maloney further said in confessional that she is trying to be excited for Tom but the bar has a very complicated history revealing that it had put significant pressure on their relationship. Katie Maloney revealed that the bar had a much bigger footprint in her life than she predicted, with no control over it, and that every one of their marital problems, conversation, and differences of opinion had now been encased. This bar represented the other woman in their marriage, and she is presently inside of her.

The former couple sat down at the bar where Tom Schwartz, for once, admitted that he let himself get sucked in while working on his business. Katie responded that it nearly broke him, and it nearly broke her before adding that it nearly broke them asking him if it was worth it. Tom said to her that he does not know how to respond to that but mentioned that he does not want her to think that he chose the place over her.

But Katie didn't see things that way as she said that she feels like he did choose a lot of things over her and explained that even when she was on his side, he never chose her in any argument. Katie added that it just gave her the impression that Tom Schwartz doesn't like her adding that she believes she chose to ignore and live with it, thinking it was okay, and it wasn't okay.

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Tom Schwartz apologised to his ex-wife stating that he is trying to move forward and not beat himself up too much, but he is self-aware. He tearfully tells the cameras in his confessional that maybe he wishes he had fought for her, but he thinks he would have been going to prolong the pain and try to make her suffer, drawing attention away from her happiness. Tom Schwartz also acknowledged to Katie that she may have been correct after all as he explained that he is completely in love with everything about this bar, this lounge, and the concept, sometimes he wonders if everything was worth it and he does not have an answer.

Earlier in the episode, as the restaurateur was preparing to host the Daily Mail party, Tom Schwartz confided in friend, co-star, and business partner Tom Sandoval about the strain that opening their bar together had put on his and Katie's marriage. He said that he does not need therapy to know that he cannot blame the place for the demise of their marriage. Tom Sandoval replied, that he would say it was a good portion.

The former couple got married in 2016 but later revealed that they were not legally married so they exchanged their vows for the second time in 2019 in Las Vegas. They officially confirmed their split in March 2022 with both of them sharing their respective statements on social media, and their separation was finalized in October of last year. They share custody of their dogs. Katie indicated during the premiere episode that after 12 years together and five decades of marriage, she asked Tom for a separation last winter, and she tried to explain to the cameras in a February 2023 episode that they have experienced a lot of problems since he has never made her a priority. According to a source at the time, the former couple had numerous arguments and were not seeing things in the same light before deciding to call it quits.

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